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Let’s Take a Stand

Tonight I was moved by a conversation that took place in my 400 level Educational Psychology class. The central theme in this class is inclusive education. Tonight  some of my classmates did a presentation on relationship building in the classroom. The topic of Bullying came up and a discussion was formed around cyber bullying. Everyone knows that cyber bullying is a huge issue. It is becoming more of an issue with the amount of technology available and easily accessible for kids and youth. Now we know that cyber bullying is going on,  but the big question is how do we stop it? Although I do not have a definite answer to this difficult question I would like to share what I took away from our class discussion and where I stand on this issue. 

Let’s look at who is involved and ask some big questions. 

1) The bully- Why is the child bullying? Why do they feel they need to make fun of someone else? Are they insecure themselves? Do they have friends? Does putting someone else down make them feel better about themselves? 

2) The victim- Why are they being bullied? Does anyone know they are being bullied? Do they have any friends? Are they different from everyone else? Are they afraid?

3) The bystanders – Why do they not stand up to the bully? Are they afraid? Are they friends with the bully? Are they friends with the victim? 

These are all big questions that I believe are important to ask when trying to find a solution to cyber bullying. Now you may have noticed that in each category a question revolving around friendship or relationship with others was mentioned. Why is this brought up for all three parties involved? Because relationships matter. Our professor, Carrie Dutkiwca, raised the idea of rather than trying to “stop the bully” why don’t we focus on building relationships within the classroom. Everyone needs friends, everyone needs healthy relationships. If you have good relationships then you know you are important.  You know your valued. You know someone cares about you. 

Let’s Take a Stand and end bullying by building relationships. As a future teacher I am learning the value of relationship building and how it can have an incredible impact on the dynamics of a classroom. Teach your students to see the good in each other. Not everyone has to be best friends, but in my classroom everyone needs to respect one another. That is non-negotiable.

Everyone check out this video about cyber bullying. 


Also thank you to my classmates for their great presentation tonight. Good job Laura Shepard, Derek, and Lacey!